Reforce Electricals is one of the largest distributors of electrical products in Dubai, UAE. This company is recognized as a top electric equipment supplier in Dubai providing electric and electronic items for Residential, Commercial and Industrial use. As a wholesaler of electrical products,Reforce Electricals, targets to provide the fastest electrical solutions for mega-projects.

With its expertise, ability, excellent customer relationships and customized solutions, Reforce Electricals has become a reputed supplier of electrical products in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. We equally distribute electrical products for retail and projects in Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Iran and Iraq.

Today, as a recognized electrical trader in Dubai, Reforce Electricals represents renowned international brands in the categories of Switches and Sockets , USB Sockets, Weatherproof  IP66 , Metallic Switches , Matt Black , Antique Brass, Satin Gold , Steel , Universal Socket , Schuko Socket , 8 Gang, 9 Gang , 12 Gang , 18 Gang , 24 Gang , RCD Socket , Cable Reel , Weatherproof Boxes , IP 68 Connectors , Cable Glands , Sensors ,CAT 6  Cables, Connectors, Timer/Relay’s , Floor boxes .  Our wide range of supplies and well-known brands aim to fulfill the complete electrical requirements for every building.

Backed by the quality and service of reputed electrical brands and large inventory of stocks, Reforce Electricals is able deliver on-time high-quality electrical products in Dubai and across cities. We are proud to be Official & authorized distributors/Dealer of international brands like British General UK (BG), Master Plug UK, WAGO Germany, Wiska Germany, D-Link, Norisys, Schneider Electric, Legrand, InfoSec, Davis, Panasonic,Digisol,Connexbox,Connectwell,Schnabl,Bubox and Mennekes . If your electrical products are not amongst these, we will be happy to source them exclusively for you through our strong global network.

Within a short span, Reforce Electricals, has proven itself as a major Whole Seller in Electrical and Electronic industry, serving as a key player in the supply chain from global manufacturers to end users. We are constantly building relationships among key stake holders.

With 7+ Product Families, 10,000+ Products, 3000+ Contractors/ Installers, 1800+ Retailers & 500+ Direct Clients/ Architects/ Consultants. we are successfully meeting demands of our customers in 16 countries.

While Reforce Electricals is known as the most reliable electrical trading company in Dubai and electrical wholesaler in UAE, it is also a major supplier of electrical products in the GCC. Today the company is a recognized electrical supplier serving UAE and 12 other countries.

Located in the heart of Dubai’s electrical market in Deira, Reforce Electricals, a wholesaler in electrical supplies, has a strong and secure business relationship with both its Suppliers/Brands and its Buyers/Customers.


Reforce Electricals focuses on:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Friendly Transactions
  • Secure Payment
  • Good Shopping Experience
  • Clear Product Description

We go that extra mile to source the very last electrical item crucial for the completion of your project. Our wide electrical product range and a well-stocked warehouse help to build our repeat clients.

The Reforce Electricals Product range consists of 

  • Switch & Socket
  • Home Accessory
  • Floor and Desktop Power
  • Connector
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial Products
  • Lighting Control 




MEETING EVERY NEED OF THE CUSTOMER IS OUR STRENGTH and the very foundation of our business.

Reforce Electricals customer segment:

At Reforce Electricals ‘Customer is King’. Our maxim is, ‘to benefit Customers by providing the latest, safest and best available electrical products in the Middle East and other countries.

From Helping selecting the Product-

The product information is available in our product catalogues but we don’t stop there. As an electrical dealer, our knowledge and keen understanding of every product, aid us to guide the customer in acquiring the most befitting electric products for their commercial/residential/ industrial project or for retail. It is the faith these clients put in the hands of Reforce Electricals, which endeavors us to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to our valued customers.

To After-sales service-

If our product cannot meet your specifications on site, we facilitate product replacement or exchangeAs suppliers of DLink, Legrand, Schneider and other trusted electrical brands, we guarantee to address a grievance with our brand partners in order to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Reforce Electricals works with numerous clients who demand quick communication on the features and applications of the electric products, filling up tenders for electrical items and identify products comply with design specifications. These clients also need an assurance of a steady supply of branded electrical goods.  Reforce Electricals understands the exclusive requirement of every customer and is equipped to provide the best electrical solutions.



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