Saving the Planet—Small steps by UAE’s Electrical Industry|
Saving the Planet—Small steps by UAE’s Electrical Industry
December 2, 2019

Dubai’s iconic properties and innovative electrical products

Over the last century we have witnessed numerous life-changing technologies.

There have been major innovations and technology advancements including revolutionary electrical and electronic products in the construction industry.

Horizontal buildings with staircases made way for vertical high rises/skyscrapers with the need for high-speed electric elevators. Wall mounted switches in your home progressed to remote controlled switches. Electric failures and blackouts became a thing of the past with back-up generators being installed. Traditional electrical wiring paved the way for safer and higher output modular wiring systems and accessories.

And the list goes on and on.

The electrical products manufacturers now feel the need to invest in R&D to innovate new and better products. Innovation simply translates into sustenance.

Dubai maybe a small country but it surely can qualify as the ‘Construction Capital of the World’. With large amount of modern buildings, high-rises and mega projects undertaken, the demands placed on the power supply and augmenting electrical products are ever evolving and increasing.

Between the sea and the sand, Dubai can boast of iconic projects, including the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the only 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab, the commercial and residential Emirates Towers, the Cayan Tower and the Palm. It will soon be showcasing to the world, the world’s first 3D-printed office building.

Expo 2020 Dubai, along with Smart City initiatives has further provided a boost to the already bustling city.

How to install a wide range of electrical energy efficiency products in iconic buildings is a challenging task. Three of the basic elements under consideration are:

1. Energy Efficiency and cost saving:

The world is going greener. From combustion to carbon footprints, we are waking up to a better tomorrow. Gargantuan construction projects require electric contractors who can precisely calculate the most optimum electric prerequisite for the project. From lighting to air conditioning, from refrigerators to computers, from CCTV’s to burglar alarms, to interconnected networks, modern day units combine a large number of electrical systems. The latest available electric items like remote switches, timers, plugs and sockets, microwave sensors, waterproof floor boxes are all integral towards opening up numerous possibilities while saving long-term costs. The technical team simultaneously takes into consideration any maximum energy consumption, overload, phases balancing, voltage surges, damage or malfunction of systems that can occur over time.

2. High level of safety:

Electrical fires lead to death. Therefore it is of prime concern that high safety standards are maintained in large projects and commercial units. Electrical planning and electrical audit are an integral part of every construction. With electrical appliances and electronics becoming an integral part of our lives, electrical risks have also increased which need to be identified and interpreted correctly. Homes need protection from electrical fires. Large factories from plant fires. Hospitals from loss of power in ICU’s and operation theatres. Airports from failures that could lead to accidents. Banks from loss of information data due to improper backup. Establishments from theft. All this and more needs to be considered in design stage. Almost all iconic buildings today, amongst other electrical products will have a UPS to ‘bridge the gap’ whilst a standby generator is started and synchronized. Installing Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) can minimize losses due to power failures.

3. Changeability:

Iconic buildings have to look beyond a few years. The design and integration of various electrical units within have to be workable over time. Also the systems should be able to handle the future load. Sometimes these buildings have a mix of hotels and establishments, which may need refurbishment. Sometimes new IT equipment or latest security equipment may need to be installed. This calls for flexibility and changeability in the electrical layouts over time. Also integration with renewable energies should be considered on a long-term basis.

To meet the anticipated demand of electrical products in Dubai, electrical dealers and electrical suppliers are offering the latest electrical products from leading international brands. A good electrical distributor liaises with interior designers; project consultants, electricians and a myriad of people working together to build Dubai’s most iconic properties.

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