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January 25, 2024
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Best Practices in Electrical Installation : Schnabl Fasteners
May 13, 2024
Wago Connectors

Wago Connectors

Best Practices in Electrical Installations: Wago Connectors

In the realm of electrical installations, adherence to best practices is paramount for ensuringsafety, efficiency, and reliability. One crucial aspect of these practices lies in the choice of connectors used to join electrical components, particularly when it comes to light fittings. Amongthe array of connector options available, Wago connectors stand out for their exceptionalfeatures and benefits.

Current Practice: Using Electrical Tape and Strip Connectors in Electrical Installations

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Using Electrical tapes for connecting cables can lead to loose connections, shorts, or even electrical hazards. Also, overtime electrical tapes can degrade due to factors like heat, moisture, or mechanical stress, potentially leading to connection failures. Strip connectors have long been a common choice in electrical installations due to their simplicity and affordability. However, they come with several notable disadvantages:

Corrosion Susceptibility: Strip connectors are prone to corrosion over time.

Mechanical Weakness: Strip connectors have limited mechanical strength compared to alternatives like Wago connectors

Inconsistent Performance: The quality of strip connectors can vary significantly based on the manufacturer or type used.

Compatibility Challenges: Strip connectors may not be compatible with all wire sizes or types, requiring careful selection and potentially limiting their application range in electrical installations.

Maintenance Needs: Strip connectors may require periodic maintenance or tightening to ensure optimal performance, adding to the maintenance workload and potential downtime.

Wago Splicing Connectors


Ease of use – pull the lever up, insert a conductor and push the lever back down. Available as 2-, 3- and 5-wire connectors Easily terminate conductors from 0.14 to 6 mm² Connect solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors. Save time for installers and device manufacturers. Quickly install devices with higher power consumption Safely install long cable runs with larger conductor cross sections.


Nominal voltage               :              450 V
Rated surge voltage         :             4 kV
Rated current up to          :             41 A
Colour                                :     Transparent
Insulation Material            :     Polycarbonate
Fire Load                           :     0.049MJ
Ambient temperature (operation)  :   +85 °C
Continuous operating temperature :  105 °C
Temperature marking per EN60998 : T85


Project Reference in UAE :

  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Metro
  • Expo City
  • DMCC
  • UPTOWN TOWER and numbers of Signage makers

Advantages of Wago Connectors for Light Fittings

Wago connectors have gained recognition and preference among electrical professionals for several reasons:

Tool-Free Installation: Wago connectors feature push-in or lever-operated designs, enabling tool-free and quick installations.

Secure and Vibration-Resistant Connections: Wago connectors provide secure connections that are resistant to vibrations, ensuring long-term stability and reliability in light fittings.

Compatibility: Wago connectors are versatile and compatible with various types of wires and cables, accommodating different sizes and types of conductors.

Maintenance-Friendly: In scenarios where maintenance or modifications are necessary, Wago connectors offer ease of access and disconnection without damaging the wires or components.

Enhanced Safety Features: Wago connectors are designed with safety in mind, incorporating features such as insulation displacement technology and integrated strain relief.

Cost-Effective: While initially perceived as premium connectors, Wago’s long-term benefits, including reduced installation time, lower maintenance costs, and improved reliability, make them cost-effective solutions in the long run.

Wago connectors are the superior choice for light fittings in electrical installations due to their tool-free installation, secure connections, compatibility with various wires, maintenance-friendly design, safety features, and cost-effectiveness. Choosing Wago elevates practices, ensuring optimal performance and contributing to safer electrical systems.


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March 1, 2022
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221 SERIES - Transparent


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KNX Connectors

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  • Easily terminate conductors up to 6 mm2 (10 AWG).
  • Connect solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors.
  • Time savings for installers and device manufacturers.
  • Quickly install devices with higher levels of power consumption.
  • Safely install long cable runs with larger conductor cross sections.
  • Lift Lever, Insert Conductor, Close Lever.

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