Saving the Planet—Small steps by UAE’s Electrical Industry|
Saving the Planet—Small steps by UAE’s Electrical Industry
December 2, 2019
Why trading is still a lucrative business in the UAE and the rebirth of electrical trading?
January 18, 2020
Dubai Electrical and Electronic Industry|

With thousands of minds, millions of man hours and billions of dollars behind the planning of World Expo 2020, Dubai, there stands a sector worth a mention that has largely contributed in its making – the Dubai electrical and electronics industry/the UAE electrical industry. This industry has been instrumental in sourcing the latest electrical  products in Dubai to create sustainable structures of tomorrow. From 20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021, 192 countries worldwide will be congregating in Dubai, for the World Expo 2020.

How it all began:

The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), Paris on November 27, 2013, awarded Dubai, U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) to host the next World Expo themed ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. A major event of this magnitude which is projected to welcome 25 million visitors over 173 Days of Celebration, Collaboration and Innovation, needs years of preparation. 

The initial planning:

The government of Dubai allotted 17 billion dirhams in the 2016 budget. This budget was to take care of creating roads, housing, railways, medical facilities and public buildings for the Expo. By 2021, Expo 2020 related projects will be totaling 30 billion Dirhams.

From 2016 to December 2019:

The construction of the central 4.3 million square meter site for the venue of Dubai Expo 2020 located between the two major emirates of the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and next to the new Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali will house 700,000 square meters of pavilions of participating countries and 500,000 square meters of permanent structures. The Al Wasl Plaza dome, the heart of the Expo 2020 site has been designed and built to take its place amongst one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings. Large enough to fit two airbuses A380’s inside, it shall offer restaurants, fountains, and parks. Its intelligent electrical and electronic technology will make used of the trellis on the dome as a projection surface for visitors inside and outside. Around the Al Wasl central plaza, are three large Thematic districts in line with the sub-theme ‘Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability’ each addressing global issues.

The Government of Dubai, had launched one of its largest real estate and retail Mohammed Bin Rashid City to be ready for Expo 2020. Mohammed Bin Rashid City is expected to open its doors to the world’s largest shopping mall, over 100 hotels, a Universal Studios franchise, and a large public park. Even projects like Blue Water are getting readied to welcome a large number of foreign participants arriving in Dubai over the 6 months’ time-frame.

Dubai is about ready with added infrastructure—new roads, extension of the Dubai Metro lines; with real estate—new office space, more hotel rooms, more housing facilities for visiting expats; and with added services like logistics, IoT etc.

As days progress, there will also be additional facilities like on-site emergency centers, police cabins, fire safety units, VIP enclosures, etc. all necessitating additional inputs from the EPC contractors along with the best electrical  traders of UAE. Be it a Legrand supplier or Schneider supplier or Wago dealer in UAE, every well-known electrical  brand is adding value.

The aim of Expo 2020: 

1. Generating clean energy
2. Reducing water consumption
3. Promoting Natural Solutions
4. Minimizing Carbon footprint
5. Reducing waste
6. Improving sustainability awareness
7. Using sustainable building materials

The power behind it:

The two areas, where UAE’s electrical  industry has contributed most are: – 
Firstly, towards generating clean energy. The electrical industry of Dubai is outperforming construction industry standards in areas such as exterior lighting and building efficiency. Secondly, by using sustainable building materials. With the above aim, the government urged every contractor to minimize the depletion of any natural resources on every construction site. Also, these contractors were required to provide the best of sustainable building materials.

From the smallest electrical shops in Dubai to the top electrical and electronics wholesale distributors in Dubai, to every leading electrical wholesaler in UAE, they are geared to source the latest and most innovative products from international brands like Legrand, Schneider, NaDe, Hager, Panasonic, D-Link and others.

The work the sweat behind it:

The EPC Contractor in UAE works closely with the electric trader in Dubai to source electrical products in line with the electric design. From energy-saving lights and fittings to switches and sockets, from UPS  selection to IP66 isolator, from structured cabling and communication to connectors the supplier has to deliver high quality products, on-time and from trusted brands in compliance to British standards.

Electric brands at the venue:

As a premier partner and one of the largest manufacturing and electronics companies in the world, Siemens will be present at Expo 2020. Their services include security and building management systems, 3D printing, and MindSphere, an open operating system for the Internet of Things, that will play a central role in the smart operations of the Expo site to connect 25 million IoT-enabled visitors. Siemens has also picked the Expo site for its future global logistics Head Quarter.

Panasonic the electronics giant will provide a wide range of innovative solutions, technologies and products for the Expo. It will deploy skilled experts on site throughout the Expo’s six-month run to ensure delivery of high level end-to-end electrical and electronic solutions to customers across different sectors. The company has projectors, professional display flat screens, video walls, interactive screens, and Pro AV cameras to capture real time events at the Expo.

ABB, the recently awarded Zayed Future Energy prize, will have the complete range of power and automation products including solar solutions for the Expo.

Impact on the electrical industry:

Dubai has always been a leader setting benchmarks. From LEED Gold Certification for expo building projects, to its’ commitment to retain 80 per cent of permanent construction post Expo, Dubai will contribute to the sustainable use of resources. This Expo 2020, will be a global platform for the latest innovations in electrical and electronic industry with future sustainable strategies.

Every trader of electrical goods in UAE must visit this expo. Today, whether you are a floor box supplier in Dubai, or a UPS supplier in UAE or a Dubai electric shop owner, don’t miss an opportunity the world is waiting for. You have contributed to the legacy of a sustainable world. Be proud, be there!

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