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January 18, 2020
March 8, 2022

Smart homes need smart planning.

The smart home could be a newly constructed home or an existing home converted into a smart home. Whatever the case maybe, it requires a lot of electrical planning and for the electrical equipment suppliers in UAE to be ready with providing the latest electrical items to support the intelligent systems.

The concept of smart homes is already a reality in United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2019, Arada a UAE developer, offered  smart home technology in every unit of its Misk Apartments to provide latest in home technology and energy cost savings to every homeowner.

Today a smart home may have:

1. Smart Lighting:

Smart lighting can consist of:

WiFI smart LED light bulbs,

– Bluetooth Smart Bulbs,

– WiFi smart LED light strips controlled via siri or an App,

– WiFi smart dimmer switches

– WiFi smart LED tile kits to transform your home wall into a piece of décor with incredible scenes.

Tunable lighting which changes automatically as per the genre of music you are listing to.

All this may require In-Wall Remote Control Panels, deep junction boxes and even a 3-wire (hot, neutral and load) connection.

2. Smart home theatre:

A home theater system, is most sought after in every smart home. But the installation of the home theatre requires planning. The equipment rack which has the home theater equipment, amplifiers, DVD players and DSS receivers, do generate a lot of heat. So, first and foremost, the equipment rack should have a cooling system. Further, it should be able to connect to multiple output power bars to manage the power cables. The best power bars utilize stabilizing clips that slide-on ensuring the power plugs don’t disconnect and come off loose from the power bar.

3. Wall Mega-TV:

TV wall technology has been the brainchild of Samsung. Samsung unveiled their “The Wall” MicroLED TV, which consists of a modular design that lets you assemble your own display to the size of the wall.

4. Smart Wiring for Data:

Data cabling is needed to install your A/V, telephone, HVAC, and security systems. Cat. 5 or cat. 5e cables are mostly used for Ethernet networks. Data cabling also includes installing multi-zone HVAC controllers, distribution panels and more related equipment.

5. Smart Bathrooms:

Kohler in 2018 launched Kohler Konnect. This smart technology in bathrooms is voice enabled making your bathroom experience almost hands free. From warm up a toilet seat or being alerted when the bath water is at the perfect temperature, smart bathrooms are here to stay. Behind every smart bathroom there is a ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) for protection.

6. Power surge systems:

Electrical power surge can occur in any home. Though not a common occurrence in UAE, it is still advisable to protect the electrical appliances and home entertainment products by installing a surge suppressor especially if one is using a significant number of powerline automation components in the house.

7. Wireless smart door lock:

From Video doorbells to smart bio-metric scanner doors to iris scanner doors, the entrance to any home has become hi-tech.

8. WiFi security camera:

Smart-homes have WiFi enabled indoor and outdoor security cameras. These security cameras have motion detectors to get instant alert on mobile/tablet when motion is detected at home. 

9. Smart thermostats:

Smart thermostats help to detect smoke. These work with both Google and Amazon’s virtual assistants.

10. Wireless Charging:

Wireless charging has been introduced by several tech companies as well as by the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. This technology will certainly liberate homes from having cables and sockets in every room to plug in mobiles for charging.

11. Intelligent Home décor:

Heavy decorative blinds can be easily controlled remotely now. Opening and closing blinds can be controlled by voice activation as well.

So now to answer the question, Is UAE smart-home enabled? Yes,  it is!

The architects and developers are ready with the design and concept implementation. The electrical traders in the UAE are ready with a supply of the latest electrical wiring and electronic components obligatory to handle these smart gadgets. A large number of international brand products that support smart home technology is now available in UAE. Whether leading electrical companies in UAE or a Dubai electrical shop or UAE electrical outlet or a supplier of electronic components Abu Dhabi, the electrical industry in UAE is certainly most updated on the latest electrical products and innovations in the industry. When a large construction project undertakes to provide smart homes, the requirement has to be met.

The top electrical trader in UAE supplying latest electrical products for smart homes, may also be a,

– Legrand supplier for smart light switches

– Schneider supplier for electric smart homes

– Mennekes supplier for WiFi smart plugs and sockets

– USB socket supplier

Ip 66 floor box supplier 

– Motion sensor supplier 

Floor box supplier

From design to build, everyone contributes to a smart home. Beginning with design that will integrate more gadgets in the future, to supply of large volume of latest electrical components, to working with the electrician to isolate non-automation loads, a smart home needs a lot of detailed planning and coordination.

Conclusion: UAE has been a forerunner in embracing change. The upcoming mega Expo 2020 Dubai, emphasizes to fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that improve lives while preserving the planet. Smart Home technology will be a part of this expo exhibiting the latest advances from the world over. The time is now to ‘Smart proof’ our homes to add value to our lives for a better tomorrow.

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